Juniper Networks Accessories

J6350-RMK-02 Rear-Support Rackmt Kit, 2 Rails, for SSG500/500M/J4350/J6350, for 4-post racks. Not incl w/base sys
JX-Blank-FP-S Blank Spare plate for J-Series and SSG 100-300 Series
JX-CBL-EIA530-DTE EIA530 cable (DTE)
JX-CBL-RS232-DTE RS232 cable (DTE)
JX-CBL-RS449-DTE RS449 cable (DTE)
JX-CBL-V35-DTE V.35 cable (DTE)
JX-CBL-X21-DTE X.21 cable (DTE)
JX-CONN-DB9 RJ-45 to DB9 connector used for serial console interface
SSG-350M-FLTR SSG 350M & J2350 Air Filter - Required for NEBS compliance.
SSG-500-FLTR Replacement air filter for SSG 500, J4350 and J6350
SSG-500-MEM-1GB 1 Gigabyte RAM Memory Upgrade for the SSG 500 series, SSG 300 series, J2320, J2350, J4350, J6350
SSG-PS-AC Spare Power Supply for SSG 550 and J6350, AC Power
SSG-PS-DC Spare Power Supply for SSG 550 and J6350, DC Power