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Cisco Cisco RF Switch Series Products

Manucomp provides you with listings of Cisco's Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) to give you a baseline for pricing.

However, we can frequently provide you with better pricing than the MSRP so please give us a call at 1-866-440-1115 or fill out our Request a Quote form

Cisco RF Switch Series

UBR-RFSW N+1 RF Switch for CMTS Routers $30,000.00
RFSW-UPSTREAM-ONLY UBR10K RF Switch Adv. model, no downstream switching modules $40,000.00
RFSW-ALL-UPDWNSTRM UBR10K RF Switch Adv. model, all down- and up-stream modules $60,000.00
UBR10012-UPONLY-HA 8MC+4WAN+2TCC+,2PRE Slots,Display,Fan Tray, RFSW-ADV-UPSTRM $40,000.00
UBR10012-UPDWN-HA 8MC+4WAN+2TCC+,2PRE Slots,Display,Fan Tray, RFSW-ADV-USDS $50,000.00
UBR-RFSW-ADV High Density N+1 RF Switch for the UBR10012 CMTS $0.00

Cisco RF Switch Series Cables

CAB-RFSW520QTIMM2 RF cable bundle, RF line card to RF Switch, 1m, spare $2,000.00
CAB-RFSW520QTIMF2 RF cable bundle, RF line card to HFC plant, 3m, spare $2,000.00
CAB-RFSW520QTPMF2 Quad-shield RF cable bundle, RF Switch to HFC plant, 3m $2,000.00
CAB-RFGW3G60QTIMF Ten quad-shield RF cables in UCH-2, RFGW/3G60 to HFC,3m $800.00
CAB-RFSW-MULT-HB RF Switch header blocks for MCX connectors, qty 4 pcs $400.00
CAB-520-MULT-UCH2 Universal Cable holder for MCX connectors, qty 3 pcs $1,500.00
CABSWADV20UBRTOSW RF Cable bundle for RFSW-ADV, 20X20 on UBR to RFSW-ADV, 1M $2,000.00
CABSWADV20SWPLANT RF Cable bundle for RFSW-ADV, 20X20, RFSW-ADV to Plant, 3M $2,000.00
CABSWADV3GSWPLANT RF Cable bundle for RFSW-ADV, 3GX60, RFSW-ADV to Plant, 3M $2,000.00
CABSWADV3GUBRTOSW RF Cable bundle for RFSW-ADV, 3GX60 on UBR to RFSW-ADV, 1M $2,000.00

Cisco RF Switch Series Spares and Accessories

UBR-RFSW-1DS RF Switch Downstream Switching Module $6,500.00
UBR-RFSW-1US RF Switch Upstream Switching Module $1,700.00
UBR-RFSW-CTRL RF Switch Ethernet Controller $3,000.00
UBR-RFSW-PWR RF Switch AC/DC Power Supply $1,000.00
UBR-RFSW-RMK RF Switch Rack Mount Kit $260.00
RFSW-ADV-RACKMNTK Rack Mount Kit, UBR10K RF Switch Advanced Model $1,050.00
RFSW-ADV-ACDCPWR AC and DC Power Supply Module, UBR10K RF Switch Adv. model $1,900.00
RFSW-ADV-CABMGMT UBR10K Adv. RF Switch, Cable Management Bracket $600.00
RFSW-ADV-CONTRLLR UBR10K Adv. RF Switch, Controller Module Spare $0.00