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Cisco CNS Network Registrar - ( v. 6.1 ) - license - 10000 additional nodes - Linux, Win, Solaris

Netwk Registrar 6.1, Cent Mgr, add 10K IP, lic-only kit

Additional Details
Cisco CNS Network Registrar is a full-featured Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) system that provides scalable naming and addressing services for enterprise and service provider networks. Cisco CNS Network Registrar significantly improves the reliability of naming and addressing services for enterprise networks. For cable providers, Cisco CNS Network Registrar provides scalable DNS and DHCP services and forms the basis of a DOCSIS cable modem provisioning system. For other telecom service providers, Cisco CNS Network Registrar continues to play an important factor in service activation for data, voice over IP, and mobile communications. Cisco CNS Network Registrar includes a standards-compliant DNS server that offers the most advanced feature set in the industry including support for incremental zone transfers, and dynamic updates and notification. Cisco CNS Network Registrar DHCP server supports DHCP Safe Failover (redundant DHCP servers), dynamic DNS updates, DOCSIS cable modems, and integration with directory services using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Version 3 (LDAPv3). Moreover, tight integration with devices running Cisco IOS Software further elevates the value of the Cisco network solution.

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