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Brooktrout TR1034 - Voice/fax board - plug-in card - PCI - ISDN PRI T1 - T-1 ( 8 channels) - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet

TR1034 Fax Card, 8 Channel Frac T1

Additional Details
The TR1034 series is the latest generation of intelligent fax boards from Brooktrout Technology, and offers enterprise customers a line of high performance 33.6 Kbps intelligent fax boards with real-time fax over IP capabilities for a variety of computer-based fax applications, such as network fax, fax broadcast, unified messaging, and business process automation. The TR1034 series delivers the ultimate in flexibility, offering support for both IP and PSTN network connectivity. For IP network connectivity, the TR1034 digital T1/E1 offers an additional Ethernet interface and supports real-time fax over IP via the T.38 protocol and SIP call control. Brooktrout's TR1034 has been tested with fax over IP equipment from industry leading providers, including Cisco T.38 gateways, to ensure interoperability. Developers can create fax applications using the Brooktrout Technology Fax and Voice Application Programming Interface (Bfv API), a powerful tool for sophisticated application development. High-level functions permit programmers to quickly create applications. Lower level functions permit direct interactions with individual elements of fax and voice calls.

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