Cisco Software - CSACSE-APR05MR-K9

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Cisco Secure Access Control Server Service Use Only Minor Release - ( v. 3.3.3 ) - license - 1 server


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The Cisco Secure Access Control Server provides a comprehensive identity networking solution and secure user experience for Cisco intelligent information networks. It is the integration and control layer among all enterprise users, administrators, and the resources of the network infrastructure. The Cisco Secure ACS is a key component of the Cisco Identity-Based Networking Services (IBNS) architecture. Cisco IBNS is based on port security standards such as 802.1X (IEEE standard for port-based network access control) and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) to extend security authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) inside the LAN when, historically, access control was managed at the perimeter of the network. The policy controls (such as per-user quotas, virtual LANs [VLANs], and ACLs) are possible with this architecture, now that the authenticator (switch or wireless access point) becomes a RADIUS client capable of querying an AAA server for these controls. Cisco Secure ACS 3.3 acts as a policy decision point in NAC deployments. Using policies that you configure, it evaluates the credentials sent to it by Cisco Trust Agent, determines the state of the host, and sends the AAA client ACLs that are appropriate to the host state. Evaluation of the host credentials can enforce many specific policies, such as operating system patch level and antivirus DAT file version. Cisco Secure ACS records the results of policy evaluation for use with your monitoring system. Policies can be evaluated locally by Cisco Secure ACS or can be the result returned from an external policy server to which Cisco Secure ACS forwards credentials. For example, credentials specific to an antivirus vendor can be forwarded to the vendor antivirus policy server.

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