Cisco Software - CSACSE-4.0-SWUP-K9

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Cisco Secure Access Control Server Solution Engine - ( v. 4.0 ) - version upgrade license - 1 server - upgrade from 3.x - Win

CISCO CSACSE SW UPG 3.X TO 4.0 ON 1111/1112

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The Cisco Secure Access Control Server Solution Engine is a highly scalable user and administrative access control solution that operates as a centralized Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server or TACACS+ server system for the Cisco 1111 platform. Packaged in a dedicated and secure 1-rack-unit (1-RU) hardened solution engine, the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine provides a reduced-configuration, plug and play solution highly reliable platform with the unique ability to protect existing networking infrastructure through fully Web-based remote-access and configuration capabilities. The Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine was designed to specifically alleviate the security issue with a closed device design that makes it substantially more difficult for intruders to penetrate than an open-platform system. Cisco Secure ACS extends access security by combining authentication, user or administrator access, and policy control from a centralized identity networking solution, allowing for greater flexibility and mobility, increased security, and user productivity gains. To ensure the high security posture of the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine, additional functions specific to operating and managing the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine are provided. Additionally, a Cisco Secure ACS remote agent is available with each Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine to enable remote logging and Windows authentication. Forwarding all accounting information from the solution engine to a remote agent preserves disk space. It also improves AAA performance by eliminating the frequent and time-consuming disk writes required for local logging on the solution. Since Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine is never a member of a Microsoft Windows domain, the Cisco Secure ACS remote aged establishes the necessary Windows domain trust relationships for Windows-based authentication.

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