Cisco Software - BPM

Cisco IOS Software delivers a seamless integration of technology innovation, business-critical services, and hardware support.

Cisco IOS Software continues to evolve over time to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the most demanding Enterprise and Service Provider networks. As a family of releases, the feature richness and broad hardware support delivered in Cisco IOS Software is unmatched in the industry.

BPM-BASE BB 1.5 Policy Manager-Software for Solaris
BPM-DS-ANNUAL BB 1.5 Policy Design Studio-Annual license, 5 seats
BPM-DS-ANNUAL-ADD BB Policy Design Studio-Annual license, addl 5 seats
BPM-EVI-100K Edge Video CAC 1.5.2, Single Access (100K Subs)
BPM-EVIBU-100K Edge Video CAC 1.5.2, Backup,Single Access (100K Subs)
BPM-EVO-100K Edge Voice CAC 1.5.2, Single Access (100K Subs)
BPM-EVOBU-100K Edge Voice CAC 1.5.2, Backup Single Access (100K Subs)
BPM-IPSERV-100K BB 1.5 IP Services Module-Single access (100K users)
BPM-IPSERVBU-100K Broadband IP Services Module 1.5.2, Single Access(100K Subs)
BPM-STBY BB 1.5 Policy Manager-Resiliency Software for Solaris